The steering shaft was egged out and the last U-joint had been welded on

The new ones Gary made look great

A new seal in the top of the front support

The steering spindle shaft is built up and ground to proper size on the wear points at Anco Flame Spray

Assembled with a coating of grease since it will sit a while before it is installed and has gear oil

Shimmed up and ready for the seal and paint

The original steering wheel had most of the rubber broken off and one spoke had been welded

The original looked like this with rubber coated spokes and hub

A quite similar wheel with the same diameter and rubber coating is still available
but the hub is different and needs machining to put on a 7/8" shaft

Gary Agrimson made it look as though the shaft came through like the original
the hidden screw will make removing it frustrating for the next guy though

A bit of JB Weld to make the protrusion flush and painted as it would have come from the factory