The transmission inards all cleaned up

The transmission case ready to reassemble

Assembled, painted and installed, some assembly lube can be seen on the sliding splines

The shaft from the front of the transmission seen from inside the clutch housing

The throw-out bearing lubed and installed

There is a stud on the lower end of the transmission to hold this spring

The shifter rails seen with the detent balls, springs and interlock pin and plungers

Shift forks, lugs, reverse latch rod, spring, and washer, lever retainer and snap ring

The shift lever has a long slot for the reverse latch rod,
The shift lever pivot pin wears into the slot where the big bulb is,
this causes the shifter lever to swing loosely.

This slot has been repaired and a larger pivot pin machined and installed

From the bottom after assembly and stainless locking wire.