When the rocker arm cover is opened and after the chunks are blown away

One push rod looks to have seen some stress

Things don't look too good under the head

A close-up of the #4 sleeve - might need to hone it and get a set of rings?

Might need to grind the valves and get a set of plugs too maybe

If this "Ran when parked" probably not too well with a blown head gasket

The spark plugs had extensions on them.
I found out they are to keep the plugs from fouling on engines that burn a lot of oil.

With the valves removed the fouling is clear

After a bit of cleaning the deep pitting can be seen

Fellow enthusiast Gary Agrimson has put up with me several late nights in his shop,
he has so many fun machines and tools. Here we see some of them or the results anyway.

The surface grinder trues up flatness

The special thread in the spark plug holes are cleaned with a tap

Valve seats needed to be installed since the pitting was so deep

Northern Cylinder Heads in Andover did a nice job installing the seats

The stone is dressed and the seats are touched up with a period grinder

Old school for sure, but lapping is a good way to see the seal is good

Here we see the contact area after lapping

With a light coating of assembly lube it is assembled

It was so much fun we did three of them