I had Berry Cam grind 24 lifters and 2 camshafts.
The lifter on the left was too far gone to fix but is
a fun show piece to see how bad these things can get.

The shafts are the same but the gears have subtle differences. The top one is from 1939.

The older one on the right is from RC number two

The newer gear has a beveled edge, and the dash number changed

The oil pump is driven from a pin in the end of the camshaft
The first one being apart when I got it had no pin the second one had
a very worn pin. Here is a before and after of each with their new pin.

The oil pump on the left is from RC number two, it was very corroded and stuck.
As pitted as it is I doubt it would make good oil pressure. The one on the right I got on eBay it is probably from a D10 or D12, you can see it has a bit higher volume

A close up of the inside of the bad one shows how eroded it is