The rims on a 50 year old tractor aren't always pristine.
The one with very little rust had the rim clamps welded on.

Lots of time with an air grinder and a great job by the powder-coaters it looks new again

The other one had fluid in it and was quite rusty

Sandblasting shows the extent of the damage

Here the powdercoating reveals the imperfections of my patch
it's solid but not real pretty

Sandblasted and coated inside and out they should last a long time

The date 9-58 also says very late IB

The front rims all blasted clean inside and out

I went with the powder-coat on the fronts too

The original Good Year rears cleaned up nicely with Westley's Bleche Wite

Fronts are new Good Year rib treads for a good match with the rears