The puzzle came with a complete pump from a Cockshutt 40
and a partial from an Allis missing the all important top end.

The fuel supply pump mounts to the side of the injection pump
and can be a source of diesel fuel entering the crankcase.

This shaft gets a groove worn into it where the seal rubs it.
I had the shafts on the pumps I have built up again.

The Allis has the regulator on the pump, the Cockshutt has the
regulator at the inlet to the secondary fuel filter.

The timing tooth should be one tooth ahead of the arrow
when everything else is lined up

The injection head when first pulled out
With the timing tooth shown in the center

The injection pump after a good cleaning
and assembled with new O-rings and gaskets

To mount the injection pump to the engine the flywheel FPI mark must
be centered in the timing hole with cylinder 1 on compression stroke.

The proper marks on the camshaft gear will be in place if #1 is on compression stroke.
Slots in the pump gear allow for precise injection timing to a mark on the pump

Here we see what the pump timing mark looks like

This mark can be seen - with difficulty - through these two small holes

Here we see the mark from the front hole with a light shining in the back hole

The pump is oiled by a line from the pressurized galley

I bought a set of injectors from Dave Ferguson
Complete with new nozzles and tested

Here lined up after painting