The valves are cleaned and ground, here's a close-up of a couple of the left-over intakes


Buda Diesels used the Lanova System, here are some of the air-cells after bead blasting and lapping the caps to the cells

The Lanova System uses these air or energy cells to pull a small amount of compressed air into them. As the injector fires, a small amount of fuel is directed into the cell and fires in this chamber just as it fires in the combustion chamber. With the orifice in the cell, the ejected energy is metered out and continues to push on the piston as it travels down. The out flow also swirls the air/fuel mix giving a cleaner more complete burn in the cylinder. This system is very efficient and provides lots of medium rpm torque.


I used the bolt from the puller to hold the cells while lapping them to the head using medium valve grinding compound

Here's the head with the six best air-cells of the 18 I have

Only the outer ring meets the head and gets lapped.
Then we see the air-cell nozzle points out across the exhaust valve.

Looking through the injector mounting hole
we see the injector sprays directly at the air-cell hole center

Using a cut-away head and air-cell we demonstrated this at the 2009 Orange Spectacular.

Here we can see the valve spring dampeners

The other sides of the head

The air-cell retainers were cleaned and painted before getting the head back, now they really stand out.

Studs installed in the block to proper depth

With the head gasket on a fire ring is placed on each sleeve top

The pistons stand-out half the thickness of the fire rings

Still on the stand, the engine is ready to install!