It's a 1950 Allis Chalmers WF
Tractor Number WF7908 Engine Number W260489GA

Some information on the WF

I was at an Auction not really planning on buying anything but...
It is Corporate Orange and should be Persian Orange

It had some really old gas and wouldn't start so we pushed it onto the trailer.
Once it was home I drained the old fuel and cleaned the sediment bowl and screen.
With new gas it started up OK but needed a carburetor cleaning.

I got a proper battery box and mounting bracket with new cables.
I painted them the proper Persian Orange - quite a contrast.

The location of the battery box on a WF makes it difficult to install or remove
a regular size battery. The Optima Red 6V fits easily without removing anything.

I had the generator rebuilt and cleaned the carburetor.

I cleaned the gas tank and lined it with Red-Kote and installed a new sediment bowl.

The WC and WF with a nice back drop.

Viewed from the rear.

A caravan of two headed back to the shed.