With the spark plugs all out the motor turns easily with the hand crank, and
with a thumb in the number one spark plug hole you can feel air pushing out
on the compression stroke. Then continue turning with the crank until the
piston is all the way up TDC, and you will see this mark on the flywheel pointing
straight down. Seen here through the timing hole in the clutch cover plate.


At TDC the magneto coupling slot is horizontal.


Turning the engine back a few degrees we see the FIRE or F mark on the flywheel.


The magneto coupling is now at a bit of an angle.


Turn the Magneto backwards until the rotor points to the number one timing
lug molded into the cap. The angle of the impulse coupler will now line up with
the slot on the tractor and the mag can be mounted.


The tractor started right up and I turned the mag to adjust the timing by ear.
To see how close it was I hooked up the timing-light.


I did have to adjust it a little but not enough that I could hear a difference.
I was able to get a clear picture of the F mark while running - frozen and
illuminated by the timing-light.

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