1939 Serial Number WC 80020 Engine Number W 83948 G

My dad had a styled Allis Chalmers WC with side exhaust like this so I must need one too.
They discontinued this exhaust for the regular gas engine WC at engine number W106508 in 1940.
Rear wheels with the cast center that started at tractor #81757 in mid 1939 can be see in a picture of dad's.
This would put his between mid 1939 and mid 1940.
This earlier 39 I have will need stamped steel one piece wheels.

Some information on the WC

I was able to cut this picture from the background of a picture taken on our farm in 1967

This is what mine should look like with stamped steel rear wheels.
The car in this picture is my dad's, I don't know who's WC though.

It was purchased with no wheels but Gary let me borrow a pair of cut-offs that still hold air
I had a car tire that fit on one side to hold the front up and allow it to roll around.

The sheet metal is quite nice

Scott told me I should take a picture of the rust before I took off the inspection plate.
I'm glad I did!

I was thinking a bunch of crud would fall out when I pulled the plate off but nothing fell.

I had to dig out quite a pile of mouse nest; they must have had it pretty nice in there.

After most of the nest was removed it looked as though the mice had been using it as a playground.