The two radiators I have. The one on the right is an actual RC radiator.
The one on the left is from a B and altered on the top tank to work on an RC.
The cap would end up below the hood in this case.

Osseo Radiator recored the one on the right and built the
one on the left from B radiator tanks and another new RC core

The radiator support is the same as on a B.
The one on the right has stand-offs welded on to make a B radiator work
the top would be OK, but the lower radiator hose wouldn't have fit properly.

The flywheel and clutch were quite rusty from the mouse nest in the housing

The Clutch Doctor put nice new material on the friction plate.
I forgot to take a picture of it before it was installed. Here is what it looked like before.

The surface grinder trues up the flywheel nicely

The timing marks CENTER and FIRE are a nice idea,
but they cannot be seen when the engine is installed