Serial Number RC2053 will get Engine Number R2264G
Some of the big parts before disassembly

The left side final drive doesn't look too promising

Here are the pinion shafts and what comes out with them.
Arranged here we see one bearing retainer was missing
With that and new seals these will be fine.

I got a replacement bull gear from a WC thinking they were the same.
Oh no we couldn't have that! The WC gear is 3/8 of an inch wider.

The WC bull gear is the same width as the pinion

The narrower RC gear runs down the middle of the pinion

The inner bearing cup for the RC bull gear standing next to a WC cup

The inner bearing cone for the RC uses a spacer to hold it out a bit on the axle.
Shown here next to the equivalent from a WC

The pinion shaft and everything that comes out with it from the differential.

The ring gear looks good and shows the 5 33 ratio vs. the 7 32 ratio of the WC