The pinion shafts cleaned with all new bearings and seals ready to re-assemble

Retainer and bearing before the bearing cage goes on

With new seals in the cages and brake drums in place

They are assembled and ready to install

New seals for the Pinion shaft inside are two piece

This is what they look like installed

Pinion shafts are in and some paint is on in spaces hidden by the backplate

Then the backplate and final drives with new bearings are attached
There is a right and left to the final drives they are stamped R or L;
there is a spiral groove that when driving forward works to keep oil in,
if placed on the wrong side it would work to push oil out under the seal

The final drive gear on the RC is narrower than the WC

The drop box covers are mounted

The big seals are put in place and the retainer fastened

Painted and ready to bolt on

With a couple new 11.2 X 28 Field and Road Firestones