Not sure what order the factory did this in,
I started with the frame rails on the bell housing

Then I stared at it for a while wondering how I should proceed and came up with this.
It balanced so I could tilt it as necessary.

I greased the nose of the torque tube and it slid together without too much coaxing.

With the engine still sitting right there I just had to hook up the hoist again and slide it in.

Then the front end just walked back into place with the frame rails spread just a bit.

Many of these bolts are still just finger tight there are a lot of things that need to work together to get the fenders back on.

There will be a lot of bolts to paint, and the steel wheels are only temporary.

The flash lights up what the belt pulley couples with.

Fender parts and other assorted pieces ready for paint

There is a lot of surface area to blast on these fenders

Now if my outdoor paint booth was above freezing and not all wet.

The outdoor paint booth opened long enough on Nov 20th to paint the fenders and several other pieces I had ready.