The seat spring was missing and is not the same as the spring from a WC.

From the parts book we see it is the same number as the spring on the IB.
Here we see the WC spring on the left and the shorter WF/IB on the right.

I looked at several shows and swap meets and posted online trying to find a correct seat spring with no luck.
It turned out my buddy Lon just 7 miles away had one. It is even the older style with no work light mount.

The pivot pin for the front end was worn as was the hole it fit in making things very sloppy.

A new pivot pin installed along with new pins in the crank extension.

The hole in the arched front machined out and a new piece welded in, the hole as it should be.

New king pins, tie rod pins, and spacers to make up for wear it should steer like new.

I had to put the newly repaired and painted front end on to trailer it home where I could work on it.

It looks farther along than it really is with the radiator and hood resting on it.

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