It's a 1934 Allis Chalmers WC
Tractor Number WC301 with transplanted engine number W53764K

Some information on the WC

I was at an auction and had to out-bid a scrapper to rescue it.
It was listed and sold as a non-running tractor, and it came with a mounted cultivator.

The front tires were rotten and couldn't hold air
Gary supplied a couple of newer style front wheels and I replaced the front wheel bearings.

With a different carburetor and magneto it started.
See a video of it running for the first time in many years

The rear gang was not attached, we made some repairs and bolted it on.

I rebuilt a proper carburetor and got some new hoses and a fan belt.

The shift tower has been rebuilt and a new boot attached.
It should be the old style so I'll have to find one.

It has the original steering wheel

The early WC's had a pipe elbow to raise the gear oil level in the rearend
The casting was changed on later ones to move the fill hole up.

The first 510 had a hinged gas cap, the wing for this one was in the toolbox.

It looked rough but made it to the 2012 Orange Spectacular

See a short clip of driving it at the showgrounds before hauling it home

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