After using it for the 2013 show I got a proper coil. It is a rewound one which is best;
I've heard there are no good original coils for these since the sealant they used
cracked with age breaking the thin wires in the high tension windings.

With a proper coil I can use the brass shut-off switch I had on one of my parts mags.

This coil also has tabs that eliminate the wire that was added to make the connection from the points to the coil

The points assembly can be easily removed.

It looks a lot like the picture in the parts book with the cleaned up brass shut-off switch

There is a fiber coupler that drives the mag

There are a few things to do to time these to the engine.
The base mount coupler is the fine adjustment once mounted close.

Seen apart from this angle we can see how it works.
Downside - No adjustment can be made to this while running.

First like any of these engines we take out the spark plugs, and with a finger in plug hole number one
we slowly turn the hand crank until air is felt pushing out aroung the finger. Then from a hole in the
top of the clutch housing the Fire mark can be seen prior to reaching TDC.
When this is straight up spark should fire for number 1 at running speed.

On the Bendix Scintilla Magneto spark to number 1 happens when these two timing pointers line up.

Shown here slightly off to show both pointers.

With these things lined up the mag is mounted and timing should be close enough to run.

Then with a timing light the fine adjustment can be made on the coupler.

It is still very rough to look at but a couple things are getting there.

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