The early 1934 Allis Chalmers WC came with a base mount Bendix-Scintilla Type C-4 magneto.

Through auctions and eBay I have been able to get four Bendix mags, two of which are Type C-4,
and one which has the all important distributor cap. All of them were stuck and would not turn.
Upon opening the two with coils I found the coils were no good, also the leaking tar from the coils was the reason two of the mags wouldn't turn.

The condensers still in a couple of them also tested bad. Two had points that looked like they could be cleaned up.

After cleaning the tar from around the rotor I was able to get two of them to turn. I temporarily attached a Fairbanks Morse FMJ coil and condenser to one.

Here is a video of the results, I have a ways to go but there is spark
See a video it spinning on the test stand.

The hard to find cap I found on eBay on a parts missing mag

The bottom shows the contacts with one of the old wires I removed from it.

I made a set of new wires and attached them to the cap

Here we see a hot spark on number two

After bead blasting and reassembly

Seen from the impulse coupler end

With the cap off we see the new coil and the cleaned up rotor

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