The WC started out with 17" round spoke front wheels

I got a set of wheels at the same sale as the tractor, they were put on a skeleton WC frame and pushed into the woods.
I had to outbid a scrapper for these:

After taking off the rotted tires and cleaning the wheels up.

I took the wheels to Dave Clintsman D&D Repair in Loyal, WI and had new 17" rim blanks shipped to him from Coker Tire in Chattanooga, TN

Here is one on his jig after putting on the new rim

After I got them back I bead blasted them

Here they are ready to go to powdercoat

Back again and with a new set of 5.25/5.50 x 17 tires from Miller Tire mounted

Working on getting a nice set of rear wheels

These wheels were originally black

After blasting and a trip to powdercoat they are black again

A nice set of slightly used 13.6 x 24 tires and they are ready.

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