Only the 1934 WC had a shift tower with a removable rail assembly

I got one with one corner welded and another broken off.

After blasting and TIG welding inside and out, the welds were machined on the bottom

The top side I used a die grinder to make the welds not so noticeable.
After a bit of primer I think it will do just fine.

The rails are also unique to the 1934 shift tower

Shown in the neutral position from top and bottom

Springs, detent balls, and shift interlocks.

Removable assembly shown in neutral from the bottom

and from the top.

What it looks like bolted into the tower

The shifter was quite loose so a really oversize pivot pin was needed, the original is shown beside it.

The pivot pin slot was machined to a width needed to make straight walls

Looking down from the top

My friend Scott found me a New Old Stock shifter, it must have been made after the change to Persian 2 in 1960 since that was the paint on it.

The bead blaster made it look new again, then the big pin needed to be taken down to fit like a glove

A bit of grease and assembly and it should shift like new again

Assembling the reverse lockout

A trunnion is used to pull the lockout up.

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