The camper is sheltered nicely by the grove

We made a point of watching the sun set when it was clear

It was fun to see this go on a trailer.
We have a few others that still need to be harvested.

The best kind of Buckthorn hedge is one that's uprooted and ready to burn.

The sky was filled with geese several times and the sound was great!

A great sunrise! Just pointing the camera out the camper door.
It was quite light out but the camera exposed it like this.

The disk helps to keep the yard area flat.
This tractor could pull several of these 8 footers I think.

It was fun watching the combine come into view through the corn!

A friend of mine was running the combine
I got to ride along while the field was being opened.

Here finishing the last bit in the yard

With the field open all around the grove we took the tractor around to the west at sunset!

The view out the door on a really foggy morning.

The end of our buckthorn harvest for this year.
We have four big piles ready to burn.

It got dark before we had everything ready to go.
Then the moon was begging for a picture too.

The windmill adds a nice touch to the night sky.