Updated February 4th 2018 - 1934 WC Parts Book

Tom's Old Allis Chalmers Tractors

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First - the one that started it all
She's big, She's dirty, She smells, She's loud, and She smokes.
See Alice at work

Old and tired
Restoration begins
Rear end
Running again
Electrical and Final assembly
Magneto Timing

2 is a 1956 WD45 Diesel
DeeDee arrives
Engine continued
Fuel Injection
Pump assembly at Dave Ferguson's
Misc. Parts
Final Drives
Engine Install
Sheet Metal
Power Steering
Final Assembly
Christmas Eve Snow Photo Shoot
See the special Pump Wrench
Getting some wider rims for new tires
Getting diesel fuel in the crankcase

3 is a 1958 IB
IB Arrival
Rim repair

4 and 5 are both 1939 RC
Grandpa's first tractor
The first one came in pieces
Number two arrives
Engine 2
Engine 3
Engine 4
Engine 5
Engine 6
Radiator & Clutch
Chassis 2
Transmission and Shifter
Final Assembly

6 is a 1949 G
See G Pictures here

7 is a 1964 D17 Series III Industrial
Arrival - not much to look at

8 is a 1950 WF
See WF Pictures here

9 is a 1934 WC
See Pictures here
See Wheels here
See Shifter here
See Magneto here
See More Magneto here

10 is a 1951 CA
See Pictures here

11 is a 1939 WC
See Pictures here

12 is a 1938 WF
See Pictures here
See Steering here
See Wheels here
See Chassis here
See Engine here
See Engine2 here
See Engine3 here
See Engine4 here
See 2nd teardown here
See Going together again here

The 2013 Orange Spectacular and Lynden, WA GOTO

Harvesting 1930's style in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Combining Wheat

I drove the WD45 Diesel 210 miles in the Caravan from Oakes, ND to Madison, SD for the 2009 GOTO
Pictures from the drivers seat

The Orange Spectacular 2009

The Orange Spectacular 2011

Some pictures from the farm in fall 2008
Farm Pictures

I drove my WC in a caravan from Hutchinson to Hastings in July of 2006
According to someone's GPS, 132 miles at just over 10 mph!
Caravan pictures

I drove my WD45 Diesel in a caravan from Elbow Lake to Dalton in September of 2007
Maybe 20 miles on the route we took Caravan pictures

Some WC Manuals
See 1934 WC Manual here
See 1935 WC Manual here
See 1936 WC Manual here
See 1937 WC Manual here

See Menomonie April 13th 2013 here

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Tools Dictionary

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